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Progress- Zoo Birth Date Project

Progress- Zoo Birth Date Project

I have been working on this Zoo Alphabet Birth project from Dimensions since my three year old was a baby. I am hoping to finish it for her by the time she turns 4.  It is fairly simple to stitch which makes it slightly boring and I never seem to get around to it. I much prefer the challenging projects at Heaven and Earth Designs but this project is great for when I want to stitch but not have to be glued to my pattern.  I love to work on it while watching TV or when watching my kid’s activities.


Progress March 30, 2017


I love the idea of having a record of birth for each of my kids. It will be something for them to keep for many years, easily stored when not in use.  My daughter loves to watch me work on it and will ask me all about how I create it and to hear her birth story again. It is a great bonding moment for us and she is excited for me to finish it so it can go in her room. I haven’t decided yet whether to fill in the white parts with stitching or just leave them as they are.  I am a big fan of completing all stitches but for this project I think it would be pretty time consuming to fill in large chunks of white. I am concerned the thread will get dirty in the process so I am waiting until the end to decide.


Wrinkly full picture off of the frame. 3/30/17


I have completed most of four squares. There are six left for me to complete plus a few random stitches in the completed squares where I was waiting to plan out my thread in case I run out. My small goal is to complete at least one more square (number “3”) and the rest of the bottom border in April and my large goal is to have the rest of the bottom finished. That would be two squares (number “3” and letter “F”) and all of the border for the bottom and part of the right side.  Whew. I had better get to work!


Happy stitching!

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