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Quick and Easy Soup and Sandwiches for a Tight Timeline

Quick and Easy Soup and Sandwiches for a Tight Timeline

My family has been pretty sick this winter and we have been eating a lot of soup.  We prefer to make our own chicken broth and use that to create our own soup but sometimes I just don’t have the time.  The solution I found is to use Lipton Soup Secrets Extra Noodles when I am in a time crunch.  I can cook these babies in under ten minutes and I make lunch healthier by using leftovers in addition to the soup.  My little kids love this soup and will slurp it down super fast but it has a lot of salt so it isn’t the best choice health wise.  To get around that I water it down a bit and make sure not to serve it more than once a week.



I can usually find Lipton Soup Secrets Extra Noodles for under $2.00 so I will buy ten and stock up when I see them.  I have also ordered cases off of Amazon which is super convenient when I can’t get to the store.  Some stores charge over $3.00 for these so watch your prices and try to stock up if you see it for less than $2.00, sometimes I can even find it for $1.39 which with two soup packet servings in a box is a screaming deal!


They are super easy to make.  Just boil water, add soup mix, wait 5 min (stirring occasionally) and it is done!  Since my kids are impatient I decrease the amount of water I add to the pot from 3 cups to 2.5 cups and add ice at the end.



While the soup is cooking I scrounge for leftover veggies and meat to make lunch a complete meal. Today I used leftover peas and corn from dinner and Ritz crackers for the kids. Neither kid wanted meat but the three year old did eat some pineapple as well.



For myself I made a sandwich roll.  We always have tortillas and lunch meat on hand. We buy in bulk at Costco and use them throughout the week.  Today there was leftover pork loin my husband sous vied for dinner and princess salad.  Princess salad is mainly composed of shaved Brussels sprouts and was named princess salad so the three year old would try a bite.  It worked and she loves it! Today’s princess salad included apples and was delicious in my sandwich with mayo, mustard and pork.



When the soup is done it is way to hot to eat so I add ice until it has cooled down enough for children to eat and lunch is served!



Some other ideas you could use are to add the veggies and or meat to the soup in the last minute of cooking, make a grilled cheese sandwich or even to make a salad for the classic soup and salad combo.



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