Book Review: We’ll Meet Again by Mary Higgins Clark

Book Review: We’ll Meet Again by Mary Higgins Clark

The fourth book in my first Rereading Books Before I Give Them Away Series was “We’ll Meet Again” by Mary Higgins Clark. As usual I am writing a brief review of the book with my decision to either keep the book or give it away. To read my other book reviews click the link for my original Rereading Books Before I Give Them Away post and all of them will be listed out.


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This book is a mystery about a woman named Molly who is just getting out of jail after being falsely convicted of her husband’s murder. She has amnesia and can’t remember anything from the night her husband Gary was killed except for a mysterious sound she can’t quite remember but seems familiar. She was discovered by her housekeeper Edna asleep in her bed the next morning with her husband dead in his office downstairs.

After jail Molly resumes her old life in her house, reconnects with her friends and Edna comes back to work for her as a housekeeper. Molly runs into an old high school friend Fran and the two of them hatch a plan to figure out who the real killer of Molly’s husband is. Fran is an investigative journalist and immediately gets to work interviewing everyone.

Many sticky situations and plot twists happen during the investigation and you find out who the killer is with a great reveal that made me remember how much I liked this book. I would definitely recommend “We’ll Meet Again” for anyone who loves a great plot twist! I am going to look for more books by this author at the library and see if I like them as well. Originally I was going to keep this book because it was so good but realistically now that I know the plot twist I’m not so sure. I may be satisfied with reading other books from this series so my verdict has changed too…




My next review will be posted Thursday 1/25 about Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden.



We’ll Meet Again by Mary Higgins Clark

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