Hilarious Japanese Toilet Candy

Hilarious Japanese Toilet Candy

Have you seen these cool candy toys made in Japan? They have all kids of fun food items to make!


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For Christmas I bought this  Takoyaki candy from Japan for my teenager. Takoyaki is one of her favorite foods and she found it online and wanted to try it.  It was ok and I wish I had gotten pictures of it but she had fun making it with the three year old and we had a good laugh out of it.  The oldest is heading off to college next year and to make her last year memorable I have been randomly ordering funny things off of Amazon to see how she reacts.  A couple of months ago I found this Japanese Candy “In A Toilet”  Drink Toy on Amazon after scouring the site for the perfect gag gift.  I ordered it hoping it would come before Easter and it happened to come last week on a particularly difficult day so I had her open it right away to cheer her up.  


All of the pieces.


We put it together on the kids’ art table which has been heavily used so please ignore the paint and or sticker mess in any of the pictures.  The three year old wanted to help so she was in charge of stickers and taste testing.  We did not look up where to place the stickers since the three year old was impatient and put them all over the toilet piece.  The girls had fun putting it together.




Despite the instructions being in Japanese there were excellent pictures and it was very easy to put together.



I love the details put into this candy, they even included a little piece of bathroom floor for the toilet to rest on.



Once the toilet was put together you pour the powder into the toilet, add water to the back of the toilet and enjoy! The mixture forms bubbles in the bowl of the toilet which you drink out of with a straw.



I tried the red flavor (strawberry) and it tasted like sour strawberries, similar to the filling in Zots, remember those?  Our three year old absolutely loved doing this activity with us and drank most of both flavors on her own.  My teenager and I got a good laugh out of it and now I am searching for the next thing to try.


Maybe I will get the Kracie Popin Cookin 9 Item Bundle with Sushi, Hamburger, Bento, Takoyaki, Cake Shop and More and dole them out slowly when we need a good laugh.  Seriously, I highly recommend them for a fun family activity.  Trying to figure out how to put the kits together builds teamwork skills, allows little ones to practice fine motor skills and gets your kids to try something new and exciting to eat.



Happy “cooking”!



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