December 2023 Puzzles

December 2023 Puzzles

2023 was supposed to be the year of puzzles but I found all sorts of other cozy habits to do so puzzles were more sporadic but I have absolutely enjoyed doing the ones I have over the year. I thought that along with my book clean out posts I would start a monthly puzzle post for and make a goal of completing at least one puzzle a month. I really love the idea of a weekend puzzle that the family works on during down time. My kids love puzzles just as much as I do and having one out on our table to work on over the weekend sounds like so much fun!


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1000 pieces
This puzzle was super challenging with all of the grass, trees and hedges being different shades of green. I did most of this one by myself until the last 50 pieces or so when my kids were suddenly interested. Silly kids waited until it was easy! The pieces for this puzzle were great quality and I did do the pick up test without filming it and everything stayed together which was great. I did have a couple of false fits but that was mostly due to this puzzle having a lot of glare and I had a hard time seeing if the pieces were in there all the way on some of the greener ones. I was able to figure it out pretty quickly though and overall I loved this puzzle. It was challenging in a good way and there were enough little surprises to keep me going. This was either a Buy Nothing or thrift store from my Dad puzzle find so when I was completed with it I passed it on to the seniors our Buy Nothing group supports.
I would give this puzzle 4 out of 5 stars due to the glare. Otherwise I highly recommend this puzzle to anyone that wants a challenge!
Cobble Hill
1000 pieces
Next up for December was a Christmas themed “Village Tree” by Cobble Hill which is also a challenging puzzle. I did not do the bulk of the work on this one since my husband worked on it one day when I was at work but I was tasked with the difficultness of finding random pieces and the tree and man was it challenging! I am saving this puzzle so we can redo it next year as well. This was my first Cobble Hill puzzle and overall I was very happy with it even though there were a couple of pieces that came out slightly mangled straight from the box. This would have passed the pick up challenge no problem and I originally intended to film picking it up but I had to make room for my New Year’s Day puzzle so I just put it away instead. Maybe next year!
This puzzle gets 5 out of 5 stars for being an excellent fit, beautiful picture, high quality and fun to put together!
Kids Corner: 
The kids did a couple of puzzles from our collection this month to check if we had all of the pieces before giving them away. Our favorite was the Vet Clinic by Ravensburger which it looks like is discontinued but I will link those I can find below.
The second puzzle my kids finished was this Hatchimals floor puzzle which I could not find with a quick search so I am sure it is not sold any more as well.
The third puzzle my kids finished was this Glow in the Dark Solar System 60piece puzzle. This one was pretty fun and great for the kids when they were younger. I highly recommend it! I did find this one on Amazon and the link is below if you are interested.

Looking ahead to January…

For January so far all I have planned is our new traditional 2000 piece puzzle start on New Year’s Day.

At the start of 2023 I completed “If Fish Could Walk” by Ravensburger as my 2000 piece New Year’s Day start. I really liked this puzzle. It was really fun to put together!!

If Fish Could Walk Puzzle

For 2024 I chose an easier puzzle with “Wild Kingdom Shelves” by Aimee Stewart at 2000 pieces. This one is also by Ravensburger and I am super excited about it since Aimee Stewart is one of my favorite artists.


Wild Kingdom Shelves Puzzle


I am excited to continue my focus on puzzles for 2024 with a goal of completing the ones I bought at the beginning of 2023. I made a list of a lot of them with my 2023 Puzzle Goals post last January. For 2024 I don’t want to purchase any more puzzles until I have finished a huge percentage of the ones I already have. I was going to track them on my Pinterest board but that is super clunky so this year I am going to try a puzzle tracker app and see if it works. I will report back once I have used it a bit and let you know how I like it!


Happy puzzling in 2024!


2023 Goals: Puzzles

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