March 2024 Project Goals

March 2024 Project Goals

March is upon us and it is time for new monthly goals. This year my focus is on finishing up projects that I have so it should come as no surprise that my main goal for March is to work through my project backlog. I am continuing the goals I didn’t finish in February and starting some new ones as well. I posted a video of my March goal page set up here if you are interested in watching my process.

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My first goal is again to finish my Midnight Rainbow Comet piece that I made. I made good progress on this pattern in February and I really want to finish it for March so I can start on another piece for the store. Now that I have started the rainbow section the piece is getting more complicated but I am also excited for some different colors.

My second goal for March is to finish my Joyous Ladies piece from Diamond Art Club (referral link at no cost to you). It looks like they have discontinued this diamond painting but I have many more of them if you want to join me in working on those. I am not an affiliate with Diamond Art Club but they do give out referral links which is what I posted. This is my first diamond painting from them but I am completely in love with their quality and how sparkly the diamonds are.

Next up is the Wild Kingdom Shelves puzzle by artist Aimee Stewart that I started as part of my New Year’s Day puzzle start. I have made some progress on this one but it is much harder than I thought it would be to complete. I really want to finish this one in March so that I can move on to a different puzzle from my gigantic stack.

For my next goal I want to finish at least two coloring pages. In February I started this one out of my Art of Coloring Nouveau book and I want to finish it plus another page for March. It looks like this coloring book is out of print so I linked this Easy Patterns one from Amazon instead.

One of the pages I also want to work on for March is this free download from the Johanna Basford website which can be found here. I printed it on cardstock for more durability and will be working on it periodically throughout the month. I am not sure if I will finish it or not this month but I can always mark it off on the bonus wheel if I work on it.

The book I want to read for March is “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr. I was trying to read this for February but did not get to it so I definitely want to finish it this month. I started it in January but did not get very far so I may just start it over.

Lastly we have our bonus wheel where I get to choose something random and work on that. I put a few different choices on there but now that I am looking at it I don’t see diamond painting which is fine. Based on how long it took me to work on Joyous Ladies I am not sure if I will have time to start another piece this month. If I do though I will use white out to change one of the spokes of the wheel.


Alright so those are my March Project Goals. I am hoping they are more realistic this month and I will get through more of them but I know the tracking of hours will work better for me than tracking days. If I hit 30 hours this month I will be getting myself some fancy colored pencils and I am pretty excited about that!


What are your project goals for March? Join me here for my Live Crafting Togethers most Wednesday nights in March to see my progress!



Midnight Rainbow Comet

Diamond Art Club (Referral code at no cost to you)

Wild Kingdom Shelves puzzle by Aimee Stewart

Easy Patterns coloring book

Johanna Basford Free Download

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr



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