January 2024 Oscoey Shop Update

January 2024 Oscoey Shop Update

I am pretty excited about our January 2024 shop update! We have some great pinks and red this month with new holographic stickers and a new cross stitch design. I am so in love with my Dahlia photos I had to make postcards out of them. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more of the Dahlias or our cute little heart man. I was thinking of doing greeting cards, a calendar or maybe something else. What do you think?

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Our first new item is our beautiful Dahlia postcards. These 6″ x 4″ postcards feature a soft touch front and matte back for easy writing and are priced at $10.00 for a pack of 10 with a bonus mini-sticker sheet. I really love the photos I took of these flowers at Volunteer Park last fall. There was a slight drizzle going on and most of the petals were covered in drops of water which added depth to the photos.

My favorite one has got to be the one of the two orange dahlias. I am not sure what variety these were but they looked like fluffy cushions and I could totally imagine a fairy sleeping in the petals on a warm day.

Next up we have our Holographic Heart Gifting Pink and More Pink Sticker. Whew. That is a mouthful! I wanted to heavily feature our Heart Man from our original Holographic Bright Rainbow Flowers Sticker design that was the precursor to our popular Holographic Midnight Rainbow Flowers sticker. Our Heart Man is giving his lover a heart across a pink landscape with our signature lined rainbow in the background. This sticker is great for Valentine’s Day or anyone who loves pink!

Speaking of our Heart Man, I also made a Holographic Heart Man sticker this month to celebrate his cuteness! This sticker is about 2 inches tall by 1 inch wide and sells for $3.00. It is the first of many stickers in our Heart Man line with muted colors and a shiny holographic effect. Do you have any ideas for how I should dress him up in the future? His wine barrel look may need some updating!

Next up we have our five pack of Mini Pink Holographic Rainbow Hearts selling for $4.00. This one inch hearts are sparkly, shiny and all things pink! They are great for planners, closing envelopes, and decorating hard surfaces such as your phone case, laptop, helmet or water bottle. These fit right in with our Hearts and More Hearts collection and have inspired me to think about releasing a holographic version of our other mini hearts.

Last we have our Mini Heart Man Earrings in a teeny tiny one inch hoop on 25ct fabric. I really like my tiny Mini Heart Man cross stitch design but I am not selling the pattern yet because I am going to make a larger pack of mini patterns so it is a better value for people purchasing them. I am also working on making mini pillows for miniature fans and have a separate listing of them with just the hoop so you could hang it on a dollhouse wall.


Thank you for joining us in our exploration of self-care, art and doing things we love! I have really appreciated everyone’s support over the past year and look forward to doing more creative things for 2024!



10 Pack Dahlia Postcards

Holographic Heart Gifting Pink and More Pink Sticker

5 Pack Mini Pink Holographic Rainbow Hearts

Holographic Heart Man Sticker

Mini Heart Man Earrings


December 2023 Oscoey Shop Update

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